The idea was born in 2017, when Marcela Carranza, CEO and founder of Prende Enterprises, was observing a product and realized we recycle the plastic, metal, carboard and paper of a container but not the human talent involved in the creation of the product i.e., artistic work involved in the making of the logo/art of the product.

The practice of recycling materials is linked to protecting the environment from the pollution and contamination caused by waste. Adding unutilized/dormant/mismatched human talent to the recycling list, has the potential to protect society from the effects derived from unemployment, homelessness, poverty, mental illness, suicide, drug use epidemics, gun violence, crime rate, and high recidivism.

It is sometimes ironic to observe people walking the streets, picking up plastic bottles so that they can collect the man-printed value of  5 cents at the recycling centers.


Human talent had a specific, unquestionable, tradable value, regardless of the person’s location or life circumstances?

Advantage over the competition


All-in-one real-life solutions to real-life problems versus programs

Breaching the gap

Talent keeps its value regardsless of external factors

Dharma model for profit social impact

Do What you are skilled for with passion for the service of others


As an online platform

Recycling incentive

Potential tax benefits for participating in businesses

Nobody left behind

People continue to live their lives with access to progress, regardless of life circumstances, no need for reintegration

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